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Lingual, or "Inside", Braces

InCognito Custom Lingual Braces

incognito-lingual-braces-inside-braces-njInCognito uses computers to make custom wires and brackets, and places the brackets on the back of the teeth where they cannot be seen.

In previous versions of “lingual” (meaning “tongue side”) braces, the brackets were large and uncomfortable to the tongue. But with custom brackets, they can be designed to fit your mouth better. All braces take some getting used to, of course, and lingual maybe a few days longer, but with inCognito, not much longer at all.

Since lingual is somewhat harder for the orthodontist to work with, and since these brackets are custom-made of cast gold, they are considerably more expensive than the “labial” or outside braces and take more time in completing your case.

For more information about InCognito, click here

Innovation-L Lingual Braces for Minor Movements

lingual-inside-braces-innovation-l-njAnother type of lingual braces we are using is a system of tiny, self-ligating lingual brackets that is great for minor cases of crooked front teeth.

This system is perfect for people that notice some minor alignment problems of the front teeth, or people that had straight teeth from braces but failed to wear the retainers enough to prevent re-crowding. Typically, these treatments can be finished in just a few months.

To view a marketing video about Innovation (some cool morphs), click here


orthodontist-clifton-nj-new-jerseyWe thank our patients for the trust they have put in our orthodontics practice the past 30 years (60 years if you include my Dad and Elaine).
I hope this website earns their trust again.

Barry Raphael, DMD

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