I have to admit, I did solicit these. But I didn't expect what I heard. If they help you make a choice, all the better.

From Professionals

Dana K. Hockenbury - Oral Myologist, NYC: "Dr. Barry is a highly intelligent, forward thinking orthodontist who understands the importance of airway and muscle play on the dental-facial system. He is a leader in his field, teaching others and sharing his vision through the Spreecast webinars, blogging/postings and most importantly on the Board of Directors with the AAPMD." {ed. see AAPMD.org}

Dr. Anna Patras - Orthodontist, Sparta, NJ: "Five years ago, Dr. Raphael and I started together to learn about myofunctional orthodontics and we have been on the path ever since. We learned then that there is more to a child's well being than just straight teeth. We know now that at the heart of it, a child's breathing, their posture, what they eat, how they sleep, is what is behind good facial growth. From there, the straight teeth come naturally. I admire how Barry is always trying to push the boundaries to offer his patients the best in this regard."

Pat McBride - RDA, Consultant: "Probably one of the most forward thinking Airway Focused/Myofunctional orthodontists currently in practice…Commitment to providing whole health centered care sets Dr. Raphael and his team far above the norm."

Dr. Derek Mahony - Orthodontist and Renown Lecturer, Sydney,Australia: "I've only heard about his work from afar, but I can say that Dr. Raphael is further evidence that orthodontists are finally catching on to the idea that the health and fate of the airway is at least as important, if not more so, than the teeth. Keep up the good work, Barry!"

Dr. Tony O'Connor, Orthodontist, Cork, Ireland: "Dr Barry Raphael offers one of the most comprehensive Orthodontic treatment service I know. Dr Raphael not only produces a beautiful smile but he is one of the few Orthodontists that actually treats the underlying causes of crooked teeth. This treatment is holistic, as it provides for proper airway and a more attractively balanced face."

Bill Dennis M. Ed., Consultant: "His commitment to children and orthodontics is unique. He provides extraordinary clinical care to his patients while never forgetting that service and pleasantness are the face of great orthodontics. His willingness to find extremely practical solutions for young children prompts him to teach and inspires his team to teach nutrition, proper posture and breathing and better sleep patterns. Dr. Barry loves his work. He is dedicated to his team and they are to him and every single patient."

Dr. Ali Baba Attaie, DDS, FAAPD, Director Pedodontic Residency, Mt. Sinai Medical Center, NYC: "Barry is a leading clinician in MYOFUNCTIONAL and AIRWAY-FOCUSED ORTHODONTICS bringing the latest research and clinical practice to our fellows & residents at Mount Sinai Medical Center. His integrative approach to understanding pediatric craniofacial growth and development and arriving at more innovative clinical solutions to addressing a child's overall health needs go well beyond the traditional practice of orthodontics. We are very fortunate to benefit from his teaching at Mount Sinai."

Dr. Mike Mew, Orthodontist, London, England (Son of the famous John Mew): "Barry is an orthodontist looking at the root cause of orthodontic problems so that they can be prevented. He is considering the patients airway within his treatment plans and how to promote the general health of the patient rather than just lining up teeth."

Courtney Wager, RDH, Oral Myologist: "Barry is truly one of the great minds in orthodontics. He is committed to making sure that his patients always receive the most comprehensive airway-focused orthodontic treatment in combination with myofunctional considerations. I applaud him for his dedication to promoting strong interdisciplinary teams along with the leading research & treatment philosophies. He has inspired me to challenge myself and those professionals that I work with."

From Donated Orthodontic Services

I am the chairperson for the New Jersey Chapter of the AAO's Donated Orthodontic Services program. Shelby braces off
We provide free care for kids from families in dire straights. Our office was featured in the AAO Bulletin in 2013. We had just removed Shelby's braces the day of the photo shoot and we were all as happy as can be.  Since he started his treatment, he has enrolled in, and graduated from, dental assisting school and he wants to go to dental school.  Hopefully, some day he'll be able to pay it forward to someone else. (Click on the picture to read the full story...)

From Parents

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From Patients

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orthodontist-clifton-nj-new-jerseyWe thank our patients for the trust they have put in our orthodontics practice the past 30 years (60 years if you include my Dad and Elaine).
I hope this website earns their trust again.

Barry Raphael, DMD

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