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Oral Myology

oral-myology-adults-new-jersey-nj-orthodontistMyology means the study of "muscle". Oral myology deals with the movements and functions of all the mouth muscles during rest, chewing, swallowing, and breathing. (Speaking is handled by speech therapists)

Having the muscles functioning correctly is important, though we are never taught it. There are many things that "train" the muscles from birth on, and it does not always go right. Then, the muscles influence the growth of the face, jaws, and teeth improperly and, well, you know the result...poorly growing faces and crooked teeth.

Group or Private Lessons

There are two ways to do muscle training. One is with Myobrace (more). The other is with private lessons from an Oral Myofunctional Therapist (OMT). The OMT is a dental hygienist, speech pathologist, or dentist who has had specialty training in this are. A few OMT's are certified by the International Association for Orofacial Myology.

oral-myology-adults-new-jersey-nj-orthodontistsOMT's offer a series of one-on-one sessions that are designed to:

  1. Break down complex movements into very basic muscle activities
  2. Combine basic movements into balanced, coordinated functions.
  3. Make these new functions a habit

It's like taking dance lessons for the tongue!



Working Together

The goals of the OMT and the Integrative Orthodontist are the same:

  1. Good nasal breathing
  2. Lips together
  3. Tongue resting on the palate
  4. No movement of the lips, cheeks, chin or head on swallowing

The OMT can be critical in helping the orthodontist. They can help the patient before, during or after orthodontic therapy. They help the teeth straighten better and they help them stay straight

Meet Paul Fabbie, COMT

We currently have the privilege of having Paula serve our patients here on site. She is unique as a OM therapist in that she has a deep understanding of orthodontics, dental health and pathoogy, and facial growth. And she's fun to be around!

Paula helps with the myofunctional examination of our patients as part of our program. Private lessons with her are arranged individually. You may visit Paula here even if you don't do your orthodontics with us.

By any other name

Other names for Oral Myology:

  • Myofunctional Therapy
  • Oral Myofunctional Therapy (OMT)
  • Tongue Thrust Therapy (older name)

Tucker, the Tongue

A very prominent OMT, Joy Moeller from California, wrote a book for children to help them understand the importance of resting the tongue on the palate. Click on the picture to buy it as a present.  

For more information abouut Oral Myology, click here.




orthodontist-clifton-nj-new-jerseyWe thank our patients for the trust they have put in our orthodontics practice the past 30 years (60 years if you include my Dad and Elaine).
I hope this website earns their trust again.

Barry Raphael, DMD

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