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About Dr. Raphael

Subtitle: He's on a mission...

drbarry_2012My wife, Lisa, calls it "Barry and the World of Mouthbreathing".  I just say that I'm a little obsessed with what I think is one of the most important issues of our time: how future generations will thrive.  And I believe that our purpose on this Earth is to leave the place a little better than we found it.   I also love doing this...which helps.

My Professional Quals.

I've been a specialist in orthodontics for nearly 30 years.  My Dad, Jerry, was a great orthodontist.  I watched him love his patients for the 5 years we worked together and I learned much from him.  Before that I was a General Dentist for 3 years.  Before that I played music....


  • Member American Association of Orthodontists
  • Member American Dental Association
    Past-President Passaic County Dental Society
    American College of Dentists
    Chairman Donated Orthodontic Services for the NJ.Asso. of Orthodontists
  • American Association for Physiologic Medicine and Dentistry - Board of Directors

Hitting the Books

Bucknell University, B.A. Animal Behavior, 1970-1974

University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, DMD 1974-1978

Fairleigh-Dickenson University School of Dentistry, Department of Orthodontics, Certificate in Orthodontics 1981-1983

Still Learning

I have always taken a lot of "CE" (continuing education).  It's a professional's responsibility to keep up with what's new. 

I'll list just a few of the courses that are most relevant to what I'm doing today... 

  • Biobloc Mini Residency with Bill Hang 2012-2013 
  • 3-Day Clinical Intensive with John and Michael Mew - Feb. 2013 
  • Oral Myotherapy with Joy Moeller - Oct 2011, July 2012
  • Advanced Oral Myotherapy with Kim Benkert - Aug. 2012
  • Ortho-Postural Training with Roger Price - May 2013
  • Advanced Lightwire Functional Treatment with James Bronson - August 2013

You teach what you most need to learn

Since there are few that are practicing integrative orthodontics, I've been asked to share what I've learned.  I consider it part of my mission to help others learn what others have taught me.


    • “Gadgets and Gizmos – A review of modern orthodontics for the general practitioner” for the Passaic County Dental Society 1998
    • “Can Ethics be Taught?” for PCDS 3/3/08
    • “Better Faces: Less Braces” for New Jersey Damon Study Club 2009
    • “Myofunctional Orthodontics” for Myofunctional Research Company, 2009
    • “Thriving in the New Economy” for PCDS, 2010
    • “Preventive Orthodontics: a 22 hour Series” for Mt Sinai Medical School, Pedodontic Department. Feb- June 2012
    • “The Past, Preseent, and Future of Myofunctional Orthodontics” for Myofunctional Research Company workshops, 2010-2012
    • “Myofunctional Orthodontics for the Orthodontist” An 8 hour lecture series at Montefiore Medical Center, Department of Orthodontics, 2012
    • “Sleep Disordered Breathing and Orthodontics” Northeast Damon Study Group, 2012"
    • "Airway-Centric Orthodontics" North Jersey Dental Study Club December 2012
    • "Airway-Centric Orthodontics" Am Coll Dentists, NJ Section Annual Session, Jan 2012
    • "Airway and Facial Development", co-hosted webcast with Drs. Mark Cruz and Kevin Boyd  Beginning January 2013
      "Airway-Centric Orthodontics", Grand Rounds, St. Joseph's Hospital, Feb 2013
    • "Airway-focused Orthodontics for the Orthodontist", Parkland Orthodontic Study Group at U. Alberta, Edmonton Canada, June 2013
    • "Myofunctional Orthodontics" for the Myofunctional Research Co., Edmonton, Montreal and Toronto, Canada, June 2013
      "Myofunctional Therapy and the Orthodontist: A team approach", for Academy of Oral Myofunctional Therapy, Los Angeles, July 2013

      To contact me about a speaking engagement or course lecture, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For Fun and Non-profit

I've been involved in the arts since I was in fourth grade.  Music. All-state Trombone. Mustang Band gold medals in Holland 1970. "Secuacus Broadcasting Company" - 5 piece horn band and winner of the Battle of the Bands at Palasaides Park, 1970.  Founder: Bucknell Jazz and Rock Ensemble 1971. Tenor Sax. Oil Painting. Bass player for Jonathan Sprout's original band: Light. Dance: Jazz (5 years), Tap (3 years), Ballet (2 days). Second Tenor in the Summit Chorale (struggled through one year). Community Theater with the Y-Players in Clifton (Tevye in Fiddler, Doc in West Side Story, Max Prince in Laughter on the 23 Floor), and the Barn Theater in Montville (the Bearded Lady in Sideshow). For my last birthday, I got a custom bass guitar made by Andrew Drake (wanna see how it was made?)

My oldest daughter, Ali, is in the medical corps for the US Navy as a radiology technologist.  Steph and Zach are in college. Shelby, my newest son, wants to be a dentist.  Casper, the white lab, is my bud.  Minnie, the new rescue dog, sleeps under the covers at the foot of the bed.  Lisa, G-d bless her, puts up with me.




orthodontist-clifton-nj-new-jerseyWe thank our patients for the trust they have put in our orthodontics practice the past 30 years (60 years if you include my Dad and Elaine).
I hope this website earns their trust again.

Barry Raphael, DMD

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